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*Since the morning a loud helicopter has been circling over the down town area of KL around Petaling St; the intended effect is definitely to scare the people under its noise `footprint'; but it is not sure if the effect is realised compared to enraging the people more;

*most shops are asked to closed today even though saturday is usually a good day for shoppers and tourists around Petaling St; this order to close shop probably cost the shoppers loses rather than Bersih protestors who become the customers for these shops! As a result the protestors who get to Kl find it difficult to find food around town;


*Closing of major highways and diverting of buses away from KL had an impact on the inner city/CBD; few vehicles compared to yesterday can be seen on the roads; last night some people who came late at night found to their horror that there were long jams on the major highways-some friends who were supposed to arrived at mid night end up reaching their town destination at 4.00am! (more…)

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