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After the Sibu election victory for PR there are gung-ho talks of formulating a strategy to win over Sarawak-and thereby tip the balance at the Federal parliamentary level for PR to bring about democratisation for Malaysia. However how serious is it? At the PKR’s congress last weekend-which was somehow held very close to the Gawai festival of East Malaysians, the PR’s chief said that they will leave it to the Sarawakian leaders to formulate such a strategy-while during the PKR congress there were persistent demand by the East Malaysian delegates for the West Malaysian leadership to make more commitment to the East-`It is time’ said them. While this happen in a party congress it is highly reflective of the situation outside the party as well: many West Malaysians are smartly kicking the ball back to the East Malaysians whenever imbalance relationship between the 2 sides are mentioned -using the argument of `autonomy’ to sound like politically correct!



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