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Being an impartial observer, I thought I was not going to get myself drawn into anyh post by-election comment. But from what I saw and read in the newspaper, it seems almost impossible to disassociate oneself from the never ending tirades made by SUPP and other BN members.

From the day when I and one member from SEW went to give our preleminary SEW Report to Daniel Ngieng, he was not happy with the way the “WEST MALAYSIAN” conducted their campaign in Sibu. Even James Masing himself warned about “Don’t Make Incredible Hulk Angry.”  And today George “Michael Jackson” Chan, in The Bornoe Post said they were not happy with the style of campaign of the West Malaysian.  Are they really that stupid, or they just can’t accept that the BN loss to DAP.  SUPP lost, that’s it. To be honest with BN, haf it been a fair and free election, SUPP would have lost by more than 3000 votes. But then again, they ignored the obvious. BN can never do wrong, and only the opposition is portrayed as evil.



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