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Thanks Takun, you have made your point and stance clear to the Iban. In today’s Borneo Post you said “The Tuai Rumah has the rights to allow or refuse party campaigners or agents (from any political parties) from canvassing or politiking in the longhouse – in response to Sidi Munan of SADIA comments on 23 May (BP). Good precedent. And never mind about the Iban “Adat” or culture. Even the Malays would not allow anybody enter their house as you said.

Thanks again for your understanding of the Iban Adat. Did you know that the Iban is about the only race in this world to say “Udah ngintu diri kita, or udah neku ke lengan?” Meaning – have you had your lunch/dinner? If not, “stay and eat first.” Nih uduk enti niki rumah diberi makai. Even dogs were given food to eat. This shows how deep the Ibans respect of visitors. Never in their sane mind would they shoo away visitors. As can be seen in the pic. during voting day at Tanjung Penasu, only BN vehicles were allowed entry, and to the opposition it was out of bound. Is this Adat Iban that Takun prefer?



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