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At the end of June Road Show a few of us went to Sg Aup to meet Timothy our resident observer there. We asked if they have seen the promised Rm600.00 for each house. He shook his head. However the computers promised had been sent to a small office of the JKKK. Is he particularly disappointed? He seems to take it easy-resigning to the fact that politicians have a habit to not keep their promises-especially election promises.

Actually the long house which gave the highest vote to DAP-coming close to 50%, was celebrating the closing of the Gawai -the Ibans’ new year. They expect only the residents themselves to turn up-without any politicians who were crowding their ruai just weeks ago. All were set when we arrived for a short visit. Tapai/tuak bottled in vintage alcohol bottles, soft drinks, tit-bits etc are arranged around a few pillars. The Iban gongs were also out, ready to be struck by the resident all-women group.



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