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Liwan Lagang-worried that he was elected by a small majority among a minority of Belaga residents?

From Belagakini:

Banci penduduk dan perumahan 10 tahun lalu menunjukkan jumlah penduduk daerah Belaga berjumlah 22,864 orang, tetapi jumlah pengundi berdaftar setakat pilihanraya DUN Sarawak tahun 2006 hanya 6691 orang sahaja.Ini bermaksud terdapat lebih 10 ribu lagi penduduk daerah Belaga yang telah cukup umur 21 tahun dan layak untuk berdaftar sebagai pemilih berdaftar tetapi belum lagi didaftarkan.



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Jenny Lasimbang

Despite the controversial system of selection there is a new Suhakam commissioner who truly deserve the post: Jenny Lasimbang from Sabah. Her appointment could be good news for Sarawakian indegenous people as well since she is well verse about IP issues in Borneo as well as in the Asian region! This is a statement from JOAS which put her appointment in perspective:

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Orang Asal Expert is a New Member of SUHAKAM

Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS) would like to congratulate Jannie Lasimbang upon her appointment as one of SUHAKAM’s Commissioners.

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From Merdeka polling center the following are the `sayings’ of the voters interviewed:

71% want to bring back local government elections-which was stopped in mid 1960’s.

66% say there is too much concentration of power in the hand of Federal government.

These are weighty judgements from the people which should be acted upon if we have a functioning democracy-since democracy is the rule of the people! But the judgement of the peoplem are seldom followed by our politicians-why? Look like we desperately need a voters centric vision to make the country more true to the spirit of democracy. In a democracy the will of the people is the highest reference for a government-as recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If the people are so capable of speaking for themselves why they are not allowed to speak more? Why there have not been more polls and referendum to allow the people to spell out their preferences and provide clear guides to the government? Without these opportunities for the people to speak the consequences are:


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Taib's daughter and son-in-law are Taib's property manager in Canada?

During Sibu by-election campaign Sarawak’s CM Taib Mahmud boasted to the largely poor long house residents that he had earned enough for all his kids and grandchildren that money is no longer an issue for him when he want to do anything. So where did he get his money-can his wage as a CM account for the money? A special report in this web site here claim to know something about it:
Exclusive – Taibs’ Foreign Property Portfolio

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 GMT


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