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As citizens and voters of Malaysia we do have the right to demand accountability from the party what their members are doing in the country. These are the identifiable faces of the UMNO members who instigate violence in the public in Penang last night -what do UMNO say about their conduct? What action do they propose to do to these members who instigate violence in the public?Would Sarawakians welcome such thugs into their state-when the police refuse to take action against them when the instigation happen right under their nose?

Why are these reported UMNO members not faced disciplinary actions while the peaceful anti-ISA campaigners were arrested?


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Big bro is watching you!

Harrison Ngau held at airport

Mon, 02 Aug 2010 16:24(Freemalaysiatoday)
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By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: Special Branch police and immigration officers detained activist lawyer Harrison Ngau at the Kuching airport today. They let him go after telling him he was under the government’s watch list without elaborating, he told FMT.


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Money politics vs public interest

By Ding Jo-Ann | 02 August 2010 (Nutgraph)

POLITICAL parties legitimately need money to carry out their functions in a democracy. After all, to stand any chance of being elected, candidates will need to tell voters who they are and what they stand for. All this costs money. Even after a representative is elected, money is still needed to do a politician’s work. Funds are required to hire research assistants, run service centres, hold community activities, and travel around the constituency.

But money seems to have permeated Malaysian politics in problematic, even illegitimate, ways. These range from overspending in elections to outright vote-buying and bribing.


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“Pihak SPR menawarkan RM1 bagi seorang pemilih kepada penolong pendaftar pemilih dan Umno menawarkan lebih besar daripada itu.’-Muhyiddin

By how much? Why can’t the ruling party change the EC’s payment to RM3.00 to all groups helping to register new voters? Are they only encouraging their own members to register voters-and not bothered about others doing the same?

Umno bahagian tubuh pasukan daftar pengundi
Ogos 1, 10 3:35pm

Setiap bahagian Umno diarah menubuhkan pasukan khas daftar pemilih bagi memastikan mereka yang dianggap layak untuk mengundi didaftarkan sebagai pemilih.

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Minda Pengarang: UMNO kena manfaat kelebihan cari daftar rakyat layak mengundi
USAHA mendaftarkan kira-kira 4.3 juta rakyat negara ini yang layak mengundi dalam pilihan raya kini berubah pendekatannya. Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) kali ini berjanji membayar RM1 bagi setiap pemilih baru yang didaftarkan oleh penolong pendaftar daripada parti politik, pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan pemimpin masyarakat yang dilantik agensi itu bagi memperhebatkan kempennya.


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