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Anwar was in charge of the resettlement of the 10 000 people affected by the Bakun Dam when he was in BN. What did he do? Ex-RTM doco maker found these records in the old papers which he is looking through …

巴贡原住民等安华带来正 义

作者/周泽南专栏 Aug 03, 2010 12:15:03 pm

【无主孤魂/周泽南专栏】2010 年7月31日,国会在野党领袖安华在《第十五届马来西亚法律研讨会》 优雅中带着激昂的表示,民主政治与文明的核心是正义。他说,今天我国行政机关权力膨胀,剥夺人民言论自由、压制在野党党报,蓄意打倒在野党,种种权力恣意 手段凌驾于宪法之上。因此他呼唤全体公民认真对待正义,唤回社会公正,恢复人性的尊严。


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2 strong criticisms have been published against the ways the government has sidelined the Penans’ rape problem-the Government is well advised to take serious note:

Gov’t response to Penan rape cases a mockery

Shazeera Ahmad Zawawi(Malaysiakini)
Aug 3, 10

The case of seven more Penan women being raped received mixed responses from the state government, public authorities as well as relevant stakeholders. The opposition viewed this as a violation of human rights and had urgently called for an urgent motion to be passed in the Parliament to address this report. The state government of Sarawak and the police’s responses were far from satisfying.


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eiu.com Economist Intelligence Unit
ViewsWire: July 28th 2010
Malaysia politics: Early election?


Speculation is rising that Malaysia’s government will call a snap general election early next year, despite the fact that the next poll is not due until March 2013. An early election would capitalise on the positive sentiment generated by an improving economy. The government is also keen to secure a strong mandate before having to make unpopular but necessary policy decisions, such as pushing through a goods and services tax (GST).


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Outlook for 2010-11
The Economist Intelligence Unit expects the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to remain in power in 2010-11. The BN still has a sufficiently large parliamentary majority to pass the bulk of new legislation unchallenged.
Speculation has grown about the likelihood that the government will call a snap election, but we do not believe that the prime minister, Najib Razak, is preparing to go the polls before 2012.
Policy will be tightened in 2010-11 following a recent period of fiscal stimulus and loose monetary policy. The government aims to cut its fiscal deficit through an efficiency drive and a reduction in the subsidy bill.
The economy is expected to stage a strong recovery in 2010, growing by 6.8%. However, as this relatively rapid acceleration mostly reflects the rebound from the contraction in 2009, the annual average rate of growth will slow in 2011.

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