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The bad road between Lawas town and Ba’ Kelalan has been a legendary talk in Lawas: everyone has a story or 2 to tell about their own experience/s in travelling between the 2 points. The stretch of road is about 100km-but the time taken can be as long as 1 whole day if the weather is bad and a vehicle is stuck in the mud. So the vehicles usually travel in a convoy of 2-3 so that a car can pull another if 1 is stuck in the mud. So they need to bring a strong rope for the purpose, along with a `changkul'(hoe) to clear some mud. VIPs usually only travel by helicopter or light air craft to avoid the mess on the ground. Attempt by the government to give a contract to the army (which has a camp along the road) has failed to improve the situation: they are accused of lacking the experience eg they push the mud to the side of the road -blocking the drain and bring the water into the middle of the road…Finally the government have to ask private contractors for help! The road had been left without maintenance after logging company Sam Ling finished logging in this area and moved their logging camp to Craven’s Court, located on another road. So: logging roads are maintained in good conditions-but local’s roads are left to rot!

Left unattended the complaint can blow up in the face of the complacent incumbent especially when the state election is coming up! Watch the video here.

Bad road in Lawas prospective spoiler for incumbent's electoral chances!


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Complaint of police brutality case at Kg Pengalih, Lawas

Watch the video here. 533 views after a couple of days of posting. The Lawas police had summoned the complainant for a statement after the video attracted attention locally.

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Ramblings among the Sarawakians is getting louder-there is now even a civil society movement launched to work for political change. The CM is becoming a bigger and bigger liability day by day. Will changing a face satisfy the voters?

Sarawakians’ Movement for Change Formed

HU Editor(Hornbill Unleashed)


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The hunter and the huntered.

Watch the video here.

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