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The EC has reportedly appointed BN dominated Youth Council to be the Assistant Registrars to help register voters-but what about the other NGOs who asked to be similarly appointed on their strength in voter registration campaigns?

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JPN is at it again: over 1657 personal documents of all sorts are left in their various Sarawak offices -while they do not try to deliver them/notify the applicants. Shame!

Many documents unclaimed at JPN

by Anthony Aga (Borneo Post)
August 18, 2010, Wednesday


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The inflexible approach of the JPN is reflected by this story-where the issuing of documents depend on non-feasible demands. Why isn’t the JPN trying to look from the applicants’ perspective?This however contrast with the liberal issuing of documents to clearly illegal immigrants especially in Sabah-which brought about the inexplicable population explosion in the last 2 decades!

Can’t declare abandoned boy Malaysian without proof, says NRD

August 19, 2010, Thursday

KUCHING:  As far as the National Registration Department (NRD) is concerned, ‘Tan Wei Siang’ is a non-Malaysian until someone can produce documents to prove that he was born in this country.A senior NRD officer told The Borneo Post yesterday that without the boy’s birth certificate or at least the mother’s clinic card it would be difficult to issue his citizenship.


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