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This is a recollection of a 3-term MP on how he first got to put the marginalised Penans to the Kuching media-in 1994! May be West Malaysian public should also start to hear these folks from the very interior of Sarawak.

A distant cry for help from the jungle

NONEBy Sim Kwang Yang(Hornbill Unleashed)

The year was 1993, and I was serving my third term as an opposition member of parliament (MP) of Bandar Kuching.

In the Malaysian context at the time, the core of an MP’s job was to service the constituency, by solving the little problems created by inefficient administration, like looking after blocked drains, neglected garbage collection, and attending to minor daily problems faced by the constituents. That was how politicians saw their roles in Malaysians’ daily lives.



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Each attack can be fatal in a cock-fight!

Increasingly there are more signs of a delayed state poll in Sarawak, though there is no more than 10 months when the poll must definitely be held under the law. Signs of internal problems are for all to see: the recent one being SUPP’s rumored attempt to lodge complaint against CM Taib Mahmud’s 1-man rule; SUPP’s last complaint against the previous CM over religious zealousness, had caused the CM to be replaced by Taib. SUPP itself is internally split into 2 factions-1 led by the president George Chan, and another by Sibu’s Wong Song Koh. There are also minor splits -though no less significant electorally.

SPDP has 5 Assemblypersons who want to join PRS to form a unified Dayak party-but they also risk losing their position come the next state elections.


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