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It is not easy to go to Ulu Bakun to report on those who stay behind the Bakun area-instead of following the 10 000 residents who went to re-settlement areas in Sg Asap. How difficult? The long boat cost Rm1500.00/day! The long boat normally takes 20-30 passenger -but if you want to `charter’ a long boat then the cost for a smaller group can be quite a burden! Yet there is no boat for charter anytime-you need to book in advance, as found out by the film crew led by Chou Z lam, who went into Ulu Bakun during a shooting trip from Sept 20th.  This is a special report by Malaysiakini reporter Wong Teck Chee, who went along.




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One Year After: Penan Communities Re-Blockaded to Protest over Government’s Broken Promises

By Panai Ayat – BMF


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Resettled residents question why the situation in Sg Asap is still unsettling after 10 years.

Even after 10 years of resettlement the world of Orang Ulu in Sg Asap remain unsettling. A number of recommended reports are out-produced by reporters who went to Sg Asap and ulu Bakun recently: Malaysiakini reports are here –part 1, part 2; Merdekareview reports here: part 1, part 2. Enjoy!

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2 press conferences are held back to back from Sept 6&7th to promote the Malaysia Day SApe Tour-hopefully Malaysians who find it troublesome to visit the Eastern states can come out in force to welcome the performers from Belaga, Sarawak to make this first Malaysia Day with a national holiday a start to realign the highly unbalanced East-West relation!

1 English media and 4 chinese media came to the Penang launch, with 5 persons attending for the organisers/sponsors. In KL only 2 on-line media including Merdekareview came this morning. Merdeka Review reported the launch within hours of the function and the Click for Malaysia online portal promise to make the report an exclusive feature.


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