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So the broken promises by the government has lost Pennas’ faith in the local reps-they want to see the big boss-CM Taib! Look like the Penans have shown themselves to be wiser citizens than many voters who(mis)take the government promises as their solution. Actually the test of the pudding is in the eating…

Penans snub local reps, want appointment with CM

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 16:24
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By Joseph Tawie(Malaysian Mirror)



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SUPP’s continued affiliation with PBB continue to be tested today when the president George Chan’s answer to the press put a condition on the relation between the 2 parties ie that there should be nothing to happen between now and the state elections. What is the something that may affect their relation that stretched back to 1970’s? There are 2 clues: the `positive responses’ from the PM and the CM. If these responses are realised perhaps the inter-party relation will presumably stay. Otherwise… The issue is critical for the coming election-since the 2 parties are the main stay of the Sarawak BN coalition. After all the arms of PBB, components of Sarawak BN and various ethnic community groups eg Orang Ulu, Bidyuh etc voice their support for Taib’s continued leadership the SUPP’s stand stand out as a sore thump fo the BN campaign line up. Watch out for further development here.

‘SUPP is with BN unless…’

September 7, 2010, Tuesday(Borneo Post)


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