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Compared to the police the EC’s budget for election preparation is just a fraction-only 10%. So did the government decide to reign in the police’s extravagance or they extend the same extravagance to the EC? The by-election budget for EC had been doubled since Hulu Selangor-from half a million Ringgit to slightly over 1million Ringgit. If the budget is increased 8 times as claimed then the budget of EC seems to be aligned with that of the police! Voters should demand to know if there are 8 fold improvement in services from the EC eg in voter registration?

Anwar: 8-fold increase in EC budget, polls loom
Joseph Sipalan | Oct 18, 10 4:56PM(Malaysiakini)


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Election Is Coming

What Uncle Di wrote in his Sunday Post (17 Oct.) was indeed heartening and very welcome. I truely agree with him that “Cliches don’t sell any more”. Perhaps Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan should take the cue. In today’s Borneo Post (18 Oct) he said/quoted :Opposition Only Talks”. If that is the case, then why should he worry. I’m sure SUPP is going to retain all their seats and capture the lost seats to the opposition. So why worry?

Ironically, when the “Top Guns” from West Malaysia come to Sarawak, George Chan seems to be only too happy to make a comment. Isn’t it strange! When you have nothing to worry, then you just keep quite. But by opening his mouth, he shows that he is very very worried.

BN Government has a good track record of delivering. So work on that, and keep fine-tuning the delivery system. And don’t forget to “turun padang”. Compare what you preach with the happenings on the ground. Goodluck George Chan and SUPP. I have every confidence in SUPP retaining and recapturing their lost seats.

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