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A new group of election watchers had emerged in Kelantan by the name `PEKA’-which stand for Pengundi Kelantan. I see a familiar name Syauqey there as a regular contributor-he has been a Mafrel member since the beginning. How he ended up starting a new group there while there is already a MAFREL branch there under Dr Halim is not known to be. Anyway the more the merrier! A lot more voters should get interested in watching our elections so that the erring politicians can’t get away with their ill-intentioned ways! Enjoy the web site here.  You can also follow them through facebook and twitter.


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The Batu Sapi by-election was decided to be held simultaneously with Galas-and the rush left marks which are visible from a preliminary analysis of the voters roll. A question: why must it be rushed?

1. Almost all non-postal voters’ address has no house no-as high as 91.55%.

2. 156 voters are above 100 years old ie born on or before 1910; Full list is available;

Evidences are below:


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