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Baru Bian come across as a media recluse-if you compare with some other Opposition politicians who come out with 5-6 press releases a day! But he does have a loud message-now, in his own words, here:

Let Justice roll on like a river

Hornbill Unleashed 

By Barubian

“  Baru Bian will bring the change that Sarawak desperately needs. He will return the trees, the lands and the rivers to the people. Corruption will stop. Taib will continue to hand over the State’s wealth and resources to Putrajaya and the preferred elite. Baru will not steal. Thirty years is enough! The time is now! BERUBAHLAH! “



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Penan children need your help in pre-school education!

From the facebook of Penan Education Fund the fund collected so far is RM50k, still short by RM5k. They hope to call a press conference to announce the fund collection on Nov 22-and hope that the full amount can come in by Nov 19th. The fund is meant to set up pre-school education for Penan kids in Long Itam and other settlements in Ulu Baram.  More info here.

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4 arrests of the blockaders may fire up the protestors against Petronas' land encroachment even more!

News from Lawas: 4 persons staffing the blockade were arrested at 1430hours today at KP 130. There are :
1. PalongPengiran; 2. Peter Singa; 3. Seliman Joseph, & 4. Akal Kading. The first 3 are from Kampong Long Sebangan while the 4th from Kampong Long Lidung. The first 2 were released around 7.00pm, after giving their statement. The last 2 are still being detained in lock-up and scheduled to give statement tomorrow. The 2 released pledged to continue with the blockade tomorrow, where more people are expected to turn up to give support to those arrested.

News has it that the enforcement officers from Land and Survey Dept came in Petronas vehicles in the afternoon and slashed the hut of the blockaders with parang. Lawyer Baru Bian adviced that the blockaders lodge police report about the damages.


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