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Me and my radio-folk in Kampong Klai, Pulau Bruit

Halo friends,
Radio Free Sarawak will start transmission from this coming monday (Nov 15th)according to the following time table:

Radio Free Sarawak – final transmission details


1st transmission: 0630-0730 local time on 7590 kHz

2nd transmission: 1800-1900 local time on 15680 kHz

Repeat only



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Latest update from Lawas: the 3 persons arrested this afternoon will have to spend their night in police lock-up though what stand between their release is only the recording of a statement. The intention to keep them in the police lock up therefore seems to punish them with the extended remand, a typical style of police to play judge, prosecutor and executioner!

Outside the police lock-up supporters of the villagers congregate to give support to their friends. They will, according to reports we received, regroup to strengthen the blockade at the 15km point out of Lawas.


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Akal and Sulaiman are out of the police station at 3.40pm after giving their statement. They were picked up last night around 3.30pm. Many friends including John Labo were crowding around the police station to give support to their fellow folks who set up the blockade to defend their NCR land rights.

3 more who are picked up today are still waiting to give their statement, after which they are expected to be out as well.

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About 10 truckloads of mainly Bangladesh workers are ferried each day trying to pass the blockade, which they breached today.

3 more persons were arrested at the Lawas blockade this morning. This allowed the Petronas workers to go through the road for the first time after the blockade was set up last week; Usually about 10 trucks will ferry about 10 workers each and they will try to cross the blockade each morning. The 2 persons detained last night are still remanded pending their statement to be made.So the total number of detained persons stand at 5 currently.

The 5 arrested so far are:


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This is a photo dated 25-5-2010, where Jameson Taie  and John Labo from the Action Committee on Lun Bawang NCR Land Rights  visited Putrajaya but failed to meet the CEO of Petronas. They had made their effort to speak to the most relevant parties-including the state government who gave away the land as state land, despite centuries of
occupation by the Lun Bawang. Such blatant land grabs are happening in numerous locations in Sarawak-motivated by greed of politicians and loggers, developers etc. They will meet stiff resistance from now on.

25-5-2010 Lawas residents Jameson Taie and John Labo went to Putrajaya to meet Petronas CEO-who didn't show his face.

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