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The pictures from the arrests scene are finally in-which expose the collusion between the Lawas police and the SS Gas Pipeline contractor. Even done in the quiet away from the public and media view-technology is empowering the people to record such astrocious action of the police-who keep quiet when the land owners complained about the land encroachment for a long time, but spring into action after 1 week of the blockade! 4 persons were arrested on the 1st day-and they had all been, under public pressure, released by now.

The morning standoff between the Lun Bawang villagers on 1 side and police, Petronas contractor on the other. The workers in blue keep to themselves.

The Land and Survey officer Mr Frankie literally don the same hat as the Petronas' Mr Salleh, in the foreground! The others are police officers.



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The 3 persons arrested by police at the blockade yesterday have just been released-according to local organiser. This was expected as the land encroachment issue is a potentially explosive issue which the power that be would definitely not like to see it extend anymore. Earlier there was an attempt to persuade the villagers involved to take some ex-gratia payment in exchange for allowing the Petronas contractor to get on with their work. But this was turned down by the villagers’ committee who rightly see this as a ploy to delay any recognition of their land rights claim.

More updates later.

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According to the blockade organiser they will have a meeting today to plan an information and education campaign to the Lawas public so as to widen their support base to go beyond the specific land owners affected by the Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline Project. They have planned to produce and mass distribute leaflets in nearest future. Meanwhile the blockade is suspended while they wait for the release of their 3 friends still under remand till today. Everything is progressing according to plan, according to the organiser.

More updates are coming up. Watch out here.

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