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From information from Lawas the 1st 4 blockaders arrested will be required to report back to the Investigation Officer of the Lawas police station today and get to know if they will be charged, followed by the next 3 tomorrow. All together 7 persons were arrested at the blockade last week. They staffed the blockade for 1 week before the police took action allegedly under pressure from Petronas. The blockade intended to stop Petronas workers who come in 10 trucks daily, consisting mainly of Bangladesh foreign workers, to install the Sabah Sarawak gas pipelines which cross into many NCR lands on its 500km+ length. Blockades against the land encroachment by the pipelines were reported elsewhere in Limbang and Ulu Baram.

Update: According to Investigation Officer there is no decision yet on whether the police will charge the 4 arrested at Lawas blockade. The 4 were asked to report back again on Dec 15 2010 to find out if the decision has been made to charge them.



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