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New pressures on the NCR lands

The same James Masing who claim that there are basis to defend the NCR lands (Going to court running on Common laws) over encroachment by those who are given Provisional Leases by the State Government (via Land Code provision)now revel his true colour: he want more aggressive methods to `develop’ NCR lands! More land grabs if he has his ways. Watch out!

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Sarawak to double oil palm plantation area


KUCHING: Sarawak, which recorded its fastest pace in opening up land for oil palm cultivation in the past one year, targets to double its plantation area to two million hectares.

State Land Development Minister Datuk Dr James Masing was optimistic that the new target could be reached by 2020, making Sarawak the biggest crude palm oil producing state in Malaysia.



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Long Terawan's land also include Mulu National Park-but all now threatened by oil palm plantation.

While the Long Terawan residents organised a para-legal land rights workshop on last Saturday the oil palm company which intend to take away the villagers’ land ran a religious seminar in the Royal Mulu Resort to distract the villagers from attending the land rights workshop. All the village committee of Long Terawan attended the religious seminar while only 1 village committee member attended the opening of the land rights seminar on Friday. A 10-member delegation from Miri, comprising mainly NGO Brimas staff travelled 300 km to support the program, but only a dozen or so villagers attended the workshop which provide vital information to the villagers on land rights.


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Protests have been going on continually against the take over of ancestral land of the Terawan, Tering and Penans around Mulu National Park which is a World Heritage area-but ignored by oil palm plantation giant KTS Pusaka.

While the scandal around the Mulu National Park is brewing there is another scandal happening just outside its doorstep: At Long Terawan and a few villages around it -the oil palm company KTS Pusaka has taken over 800 000 hectares of NCR lands by securing the village chief’s consent, but notably ignoring the majority of the villagers and other ethnic groups like the Penans. The agreement between the company and the Terawan chief has been kept away from the villagers. See the video here.


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