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There seems to be a clue on when the Sarawak state election will be in the biggest ever SALCRA’s pay-out to its 20 000 participants: between Jan and July of 2010. This is because the pay-out will be made between the 2  months-thus pressuring the SALCRA participants to return the same state government to get the other half of the pay-out-which all and sundry knows is geard to buy vote!

Biggest dividend payout by SALCRA

The Star reported on 1 December 2010 that Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) which manages 18 oil palm plantations in the State’s southern region, is to reward its participating landowners with the biggest ever dividend payout of RM74.3 million. 

Chairman Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said the dividend this year was more than doubled last year and would be paid to some 20,000 landowners in two phases – the first 50% between January and February and the second by July 2011.


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