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Since CM Taib said he has got the `inspiration’ for going for the state poll the media has been featuring election attacks on the Opposition and claims that vital state issues have been `solved’. There is no doubt that such media frenzy cannot go on forever lest the public may consider the exerciseas that of a boy who keep crying `wolf while none is in sight’. If the election is around the corner-most likely to be after the X-mas, the preparations for the elections seems to be a bit slow in picking up. But pick-up they must. Current state of play: BN is quietly announcing projects (reviving agriculture stations) and allocations (more fund for perimeter surveys) while party members meet to form campaign machinery in the quiet. PKR will kick start a state wide road show from their meeting in Bintulu last weekend. And DAP is tackling its traditional rival SUPP, who is making claims of support whether they have it or not…the show down is coming soonest. Don’t be caught without being ready for it. The country’s future in democracy depends on whether the state return a more balance state assembly than before!



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