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The state government has acquired a land near the city area and intend to pay standard compensation to the landowners at Rm40 000.00/acre, while the market values have gone many times higher. Is the state government trying to execute a get rich quick on the land by selling the land to commercial developer at market values? The question has set the land owners into an unending frenzy of condemnation that would lose the state seats here!


Taib: Bako land issue may be resolved in two months’ time

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:06(Malaysian Mirror)
taib-bako-landKUCHING – Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said the long-standing Bako land issue might come to an end soon as the government planned to come out with a formula and resolve it amicably, The Borneo Post reported Tuesday.


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Numpang Suntai

The stage for NCR fights is set -the opening will play out at Serian Magistrate court tomorrow, Dec 15th, where Numpang Suntai will be charged for defending his NCR land. Scores of friends, relatives and supporters will congregate as though the state justice system is the one in the dock! Natives lands have been seized by the State through the issuing of a piece of paper -the Provisional Lease, which seems to weigh heavier to claim ownership of the land lived in through many generations by the natives. Should the natives do anything to insist on the ownership of the land in such `disputes’ they will be charged by the `law enforcers’. But most of the land owners are not convinced that their land ownership can be extinguished without their consent or satisfactory compensation. They know from numerous previous cases that the land acquired by the state will soon be sold at market price-thus enriching the politicians and CM’s relatives who are sold the acquired lands at rock bottom price. So fight they must-beginning from Serian tomorrow. We’ll send you reports from the focal point of Serian Magistrate court tomorrow. A letter from Numpang’s sister Christina is here:

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Road Show volunteer Wai Fong working hard to register an otherwise disenfranchised old woman in Long Sg Dua, Ulu Baram

The voter registration campaign through the monthly Sarawak Road Show almost came to a halt after July when it was found that less than 10% of  its application forms submitted through PKR or SADIA was approved! Where have the forms gone and why the low approval rate where elsewhere the rejection rate is about 10%? Many visits to the EC offices in Putrajya and Kuching later-which spanned 4 months, the first batch of the voters are finally approved-numbering 285, out of 352 checked! This is the first time that the Road Show can claimed to have help register the 1st interior Sarawakian as a voter where they are usually shun by all parties for voter registration exercise due to the huge distances involved in traveling there. So what took so long for their registration?

Many factors are involved -may be an example may suffice to illustrate the problems:


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