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Baru Bian the land rights lawyer has been re-appointed the PKR’s national Vice-president and Sarwak’s state liaision chief today when the new PKR leadership line-up is announced. The re-appointment reflect that the party see the value in continuity in the state leadership ahead of the imminent state elections which has serious¬† national implications. Earlier the failure of Baru to squeeze into the elected leadership line-up has been used by the BN to show that the opposition party at Federal level did not value Sarawakian leaders, though Baru reportedly took that easy as part of the normal outcome of a democratic process.


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Taib will become the center of attention tonite at his reported wedding to someone very much junior to him!

There is no end to the weird things that can happen in Sarawak when the Chief Minister hold power for close to 30 years! The following reported `marriage’ between the Taib and someone with an age closer to his grand daughter,¬† must count as one which do not add credit to his electability!

The Grapevine newsagency has it that the wedding will be held at Pullman Hotel tonite and has no link to rumoured package for Taib to step aside in favour of Jabu the Iban DCM to warm the seat for Effendi Nawawi to take over finally. Ibans’ discontent that they, as majority community in Sarawak, has been ruled by a minority leader from Melanau descent, has been a factor closely watched by the ruling parties and it is not out of character that some appeasement as the one sketched out above could be considered ala Badawi’s seat-warming act.

Taib weds Arab woman, says report

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