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For the whole day these popular web sites cannot be accessed:
The `empire’ is striking back with their cyber troopers. Watch out-more may be targeted.There are those who can’t debate arguments with better arguments -so they resort to denying you a voice. It is harder to hit a target outside the boundary of these despotic forces-but they can still try some dirty tricks eg using robots to repeatedly open a web sites till all others are denied the access. This is a denial of service attack. Another means is to hack into the web site -which may have happened to the Malaysiakini Chinese section where a make-believe warning has replaced the web site’s content. But there are ways to counter them…

Update: Malaysiakini Chinese Section’s problem has been fixed according to the Editor-just wait for Google to do the neccesary updating.


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The Save the Sebangan Rainforest Fund started by Christina Suntai has collected a healthy Rm21, 874.15 thus far-over 3 months. This goes to disprove the cynics around that the people/public don’t give a hoot about land rights struggle of the indigenous people or the rain-forest / environment. Keep up the good work-and we await the wonder from the work produced by the fund! Source: here.

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The campaign for Sarawak State Elections has almost started with the PBB president, through his role as Chief Minister in the State government, announced the allocation of 2000 hectare of land to Independent Secondary Chinese schools, and the Bako land acquisition being slowed down to look for a better `formula’ of compensation.

On the other hand the Opposition Baru Bian announced his reply in the form of thousands of CDs and tons of leaflets which will flood the long houses and urban areas.


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