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The paternalistic rhetoric is out again-this time with an audacity which frightens more than it assures, that taking land away from the natives of Sarawak is for `development’ -not due to politicians/businessmen’s greed. Will these few words convince the natives to give away their lands which they depend on for everything? The audacity behind such rhetoric reflect the arrogance that politicians in Sarawak had acquired due to their easy success thus far to acquire lands from the natives. A simple calculation may really frighten the folks: There are some 250 challenges to land acquired by the state government in court for the last 30 years under the current Chief Minister.   In a land acquired by the government -and given to Taib’s family or himself on the cheap, the land would very soon be sold to a real land `developer’ at market price-giving eg Rm40mil profit to Taib and/or cronies in the land sales in Pulau Bruit (15 ooo Hectares). Multiply this by 250 land sales =Rm10bil! This is only part of the great wealth of the Taib’s family as usually the land sold by Taib will not really be sold cut and dry- the Taib family will insist on keeping some big shares in the company that pay to buy the land from `them’! So the land `developed’ by Taib’s government is really forcibly taken from the natives to make money for the CM’s family. How a politician like Masing would defend such day-light robbery is truly a measure of how their interests are bound together through some `profit sharing’ or loot splitting!

Masing again blasts critics as ignorant and arrogant liars

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The strange thing has happened: the polling date of a by-election is not at the earliest possible within the 60 days allowed by law-but after the half way mark! This had happened many times during the by-elections after the 2008 general elections-when BN’s chances seems not so good. In fact they almost lost all the first half a doz of by-elections then. So does the delay in the polling date reflect some diffidence of BN this time around? Some factors which may undercut its confidence at this fortress of BN in Johor is: The MCA’s president whose reputation is t stake this time-he will have to deliver in his previous constituency, has a sex scandal stuck to his record like a birth mark. He is vulnerable to attacks should his sex DVD is circulated again in the relatively conservative constituency. This weakness has caused him to keep a low profile in all previous by-elections. Could he make a change in posture this time?In campaign terms the Women’s wing of MCA-who chief has not been made a minister as before, will not be its wholehearted foot soldier this time around. The previous Wanita chief resigned on principle after Chua Soi Lek muscled himself to the President post despite his notoriety.

Another front is the records of FELDA-where some 2nd and 3rd generations of Felda settlers make up 4000 of the 14k voters in Tenang. FELDA have been taken to court by the settlers and LOST. Such records would cause some serious damage to the FELDA settlers-especially those who are of the  younger generations. So FELDA voters are not all safe-deposit material anymore. Does that explain why the by-election date need to take 1  month of preparation by the BN? In fact the Feb 3rd Chinese New Year, if it were later, would allow further delay of the poll.


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`Where is the dirt? What i need is just a piece of white paper to cover it up!'

Ex-Suhakam vice-chairman Simon Sipaun cautions that Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud will not hesitate to use the immigration powers of the state to keep out “prying eyes” from the state.

This is more a case of abusing rather than using the immigration powers of the state as intended under the federal and state constitutions, he added.

“It’s a fact that Taib has a lot to hide.(Ed: See a video here)

“He has no choice but to appear to seek shelter behind the state’s immigration powers,” said Sipaun, who is currently one of the 12 advisors appointed by the King to the board of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).


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