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Due to numerous cases of Opposition figures and NGO activists being stopped from going into Sarawak, and Sarawakian NGOs stopped from leaving Sarawak there is a fear that the state government in its desperation to hold on to power, may once again stop the entry of the Opposition leaders and the few NGOs from West Malaysia from campaigning in the coming state elections.But until the election there has been few West Malaysians working here from either the opposition or NGOs platforms. Though who are have to keep their head low, very low. But is this immigration restriction justified? A prominent Sarawakian exposed that the immigration power was predicated on socio-economic concern and not political. In any event the states themselves sell out on this socio-economic control by letting in significant number of illegal economic immigrants to an extent that the original communities are threatened. Again the reason behind this is political-another abuse!


Tear down Sarawak’s bamboo curtain
Hornbill Unleashed

Sim Kwang Yang

The banned entry of PKR MP N Gobalakrishnan into Sarawak on Christmas Eve of 2008 has stirred up a mini-storm in both the Land of the Hornbills and the alternative media in West Malaysia.

Once again, the question on the mind of many Malaysians is this: why should a citizen require a passport or a permit to travel to a territory within the Federation of Malaysia?

To answer this question, we have to revisit the early days shortly before the formation of Malaysia in 1963.



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