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JPN insist on its own death certificate as the only way to remove the name of a citizens from its registry-and this will be passed on to the EC-thus causing long dead voters to still live in the electoral roll. Why is the JPN not check with the police stations which give out the burial certificate to keep its records up to date? By insisting that the death be reported to its department before the death is recognised then the department is putting its own convenience over fulfiling its own duty to keep the citizens registry updated. In the course of our work to help citizens registry we received a couple of cases where the complainants alleged that their relatives are denied `death certificate’ due to certain incomplete or inconsistent information on their relatives-thus making it not allowable¬† for the relative to die-at least in the JPN’s eyes!
JPN denies it failed to give EC mortality updates

by Johnson K Saai. Posted on January 14, 2011, Friday



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Najib keeping his cards close to his chest?

The PM came to Sg Asap today to announce a number of goodies to the long complaining re-settlers from the bakun DAam areas, but stop short of the full compensation as requested by the residents. While this may be a governmental priority constraint it also invite suspicion that the reluctance of Najib to answer the major part of the wish-list read out by the MP Lihan Jok, could reflect the PM’s less than full endorsement of Taib’s continuation in the throne!

The promises from Najib fell short of the expectation of the residents in the following comparisons:
1. Compensation-Najib agreed `in principle’ to waive the remaining half of the housing price for the new government built house in Sg Asap, amounting to more than RM40 000.00;
2. Rebuild the Bintulu-Sg Asap access road at Rm65mil;
3. Provide cash aid to Sg Asap students at slightly over RM1mil.
4. Build a school for a Penan settlement;

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