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Why should Taib be desperate-after he got newly wed? The report in Tunia must be un-settling (see appended report). He knows-and his opponents inside and outside the party also make sure he knows, that he is the sore thumb and easy target in the campaign. He is the liability that lessen the re-election chances-not that the Opposition has that much resources and capacity to nudge him an inch. The coup of the Radio Free Sarawak was that Taib’s right hand men -Karim Humzah and James Masing, had to avail themselves to the unofficial media to defend their boss, which means that not many members of the public get to know the story. But there is nothing to stop more people to get to know the real stories from now on! Meanwhile read this report about Tunisia to see how worried Taib must be should he be deposed:

Tunisian Ministers Quit Ruling Party

VOA News  20 January 2011

Protesters shout slogans during a demonstration in the center of Tunis, 19 Jan 2011 

Photo: AP

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The EC’s attempt to amend the election systems through an unannounced 30-point proposal had aroused tremendous opposition chiefly on some ill-thought out ideas like Proxy voting and fax-voting. The EC has no answers to numerous queries on how to safeguard such voting -given the lack of impartiality and incompetence of the EC itself:

Big ‘no’ to proxy voting proposal
Azreen Hani

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 13:59:00

PETALING JAYA: The proposal for a proxy voting system by the Election Commission (EC) has received a big “no” from watchdogs, civil society organisations and legal practitioners, The Malay Mail found in a survey.


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The late Merlimau YB.

2 potential by-elections are shaping up: 1 in Poart Klang-after the Assemblyman there who had hopped from PKR to UMNO failed to give excuse for not attending the state assembly for over 6 months; next is the reported death of Melaka’s Exco member from Merlimau-the news was however retracted within hours. These by-elections will dilute the effect of the expected win by BN in its Tenang fortress, if the Pakatan can make some make some gain in the 3 by-elections.

Update: the Melaka Exco is confirmed dead-so a by-election within 60 days is coming!

ADUN Merlimau meninggal dunia

20/01/2011 3:02pm(Utusan Melayu-news retracted)


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Najib Vs Taib go before the state/Parliament elections!

It is now confirmed: despite numerous speculations of state elections the date was never fixed -the reason being Taib’s diffidence is causing him to bargain with UMNO for a simultaneous Parliament and state elections to pre-empt the onslaught from the West Malaysian Opposition parties.The option has been discussed-even the police claim that they had ready themselves fr this eventuality, but had not gained approval from the BN’s top boss, who may bargain for Taib’s stepping down! Let’s see who will prevail!

Report by Bernama:

Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud akan berunding dengan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berhubung kemungkinan mengadakan pilihan raya peringkat Parlimen serentak dengan pilihan negeri Sarawak atau sebaliknya.


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BN’s Arrogance

In fact I don’t like to write anything in the blog, but I can’t help responding to some stupid comments by some BN self styled defender/protector. This is for you Dr. Stephen Rundi. If you know that PKR is a sinking ship, and PKR has failed and why should anyone join SNAP, then you should SHUT UP, and don’t make a fool of yourself by becoming a SELF APPOINTED speaker of PBB. This is DEMOCRACY. Anyone can join any party. WHY? Is  BN so afraid that it has to say anything under the sun to stop people from joining a sinking ship. EVEN a sinking ship BN is afraid, what more to say when that ship had been patched up and ready to sail. RUNDI you better watch out. ENDA nyamai DI NGETAN KE PENUDUK. Paul Raja, Joshua Jabeng and others are busy on the ground. Tang munyi ko kita BN, sekarang Rakyat dah pandai menilai. Chukup di bejako pasal Pakatan Rakyat. Pedis di ila enti di balat agi b ejako.

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