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The news have been out for a while: irrespective of all the official regurgitation of policies to attract FDI the country is a net exporter of capital -now recognised as the 5th largest among 10 Asian countries! So the policies to attract FDI are all insincere and half-hearted. If the local welath holders have confidence in investing their (probably ill-gotten wealth?) within the country-we need not even bend our rules a bit to attract the FDI! Now: who are responsible for exporting wealth from the country? And from Sarawak? A previous report said that the logging revenue was siphoned off by the head of government in Sarawak-can the government investigate its own head?

Malaysia’s illegal capital outflow tripled in last decade

Stephanie Sta Maria | January 21, 2011(Free Malaysia Today)

Malaysia has earned a fifth spot among 10 Asian countries that chalk up the highest illicit financial outflows.



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