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A politician feel like a crab because he say others don't like to see him go up....

This is crab talk-so don’t be offended if you human find it not anthropocentric enough:

Crab A poke the rest: Why you all keep puling me down-I want to go UP!

Crab B: You always go side ways to knock us down -then climb on top of us to go up! That is not following the law of crustacean football! You set a bad example to all of us!

Crab A: You must be focus and disciplined to your goal-to hell with the rules and regulations…

Crab B: but you are the endorser if not maker of the law! Why don’t you follow your own laws? 1 Law for yourself and another for the rests? You went up and stop the rest from crossing over-that is MOST unfair!



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