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If the Chief Minister Taib mahmud want evidence of land grabs by the state government he is getting one today-and may be more later. There are already 200 over in court houses in Sarawak!

Historic NCR land suit filed in Miri
Hornbill Unleashed @ 6:00 PM

History is made this morning, March 3 in Miri when Ulu Limbang Kelabits, Penans and Lun Bawang NCR landowners file a civil suit jointly against four private companies and the Sarawak Director of Forestry and Sarawak Government to defend their rights. The four companies are logging and tree-plantation companies.



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Is promise of public allocations in exchange of votes a corruption? TI said `no'.

The election culture in the rests of Malaysia will invade Sarawak irrespective of how some Sarawakian politicians claim that they want to keep away from it. The debate on Najib’s `you help me, I help you’ offer continue unabated-with Bersih spokeperson affirming that the offer is corruption while Transparency International Malaysia’s Paul Low insisting that so long that there is no money changing hand at the time there remain only an election promise. Let’s look at some the points raised more closely:

a. The Election Offenses Act prohibit corruption which is defined in 4 ways, among which is gifting `before, during and after’ the voting. It thus cover future offer of a `gift’.

b. Anti-corruption Act also prohibit corruption as in inducement, even including attempt to do so. So it does not depend on how successful was the inducement.


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