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The state government is scared of the political fallout of law suits against the companies of the CM’s family members. But their retreat need not be taken as coming with sincerity-warned PKR chief Baru Bian. So: what is the difference approach/policy of Pakaan on such matters?

‘Don’t sue, we’ll give back your land’

Joseph Tawie | March 5, 2011

Angry native families in five villages in Sarawak have threatened to sue a company belonging to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s son Bekir for allegedly grabbing their NCR land.

KUCHING: The office of embattled Chief Minister Taib Mahmud has allegedly promised to return land belonging to 495 native families if they did not proceed with a writ to sue his son’ company.


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The 300 000 youth votes of Sarawak has been seized upon as giving some hope to the drab politicial landscape-accoridn to a local academic. However there is some miscalculation: majority of these 300k voters (if they are registered) are working outside their home town/long house. Going home to vote is too costly for most of them. So: don’t put too much hope. That explain why the East Malaysian voting rates are some 10% lower than those in West Malaysia(70%+)! 2nd: the youth are largely unpolitical-so unless something happen to them to wake their political interests-they will not even drop by to register as voter or cast their vote-as acknowledged by the academic. So there need to be other sources of hope.


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