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This morning, SEW had a press conference in conjunction with the release of their Final Report on Observation of P212 Sibu By-election. It was attended by a few representatives of the local chinese dailynews.

After the press release, me, Wong Meng Chuo, our Sibu coordinator and Ong BK, our State Coordinator went to a few political party representative office, including YB Richard Wong Ho Leng to hand in personally the copy of the report. Later we went to see Mr. Ling See Ming, the District Officer of Sibu who was also the Returning Officer for the last Sibu By-election. I was expecting a good meeting, but unfortunately, at the mention of election watch, he totally refused to meet with us, as if we were criminal. What we had to give him was something illegal, and should only be approved of by the EC only. It showed how much BN had influenced them that they were totally incapacitated to make their own decision or opinion on whats right or wrong. The report, afterall was done by a voluntary independent body, who tried to give as impartial as possible their observation as regards to the last by-election. But this is the way we were treated. NKRI, or whatever index is totally zero for him. Mr. Wong See Ming was not, even, in his personal capacity able to accept our report. It seems his action is totally controlled by the EC and people of higher authority. That’s BS.

In contrast to this, we next went up to see Daniel Ngieng, a real gentlement and politician. He was able to accept our report and promise to give copies it to his party members. He knows how to make decision and have a decent conversation with us. A real gentlement, my respect and salute to him. Sorry to say about Mr. Ling See Ming.

If this is what Civil Servant and EC is all about, then we will not see any improvement for the better in respect of election in Msia.

补选观察团报告书出炉 巫选民唾弃金钱政治



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There are various `lobbies’ for the date of Sarawak state elections to fall on various months ahead:
After Mar 26th-30th anniversary of Taib’s Chief Ministership of Sarawak. The big celebration may pay political dividends as public may defer to his wish to run for last term;

Party issues (eg Pelagus)and state government issues (Eg Bako land acquisition) must be finished by then-good time to reap political benefits from them!


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