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Taib Mahmud the Chief Minister reportedly want gentleman fight in the coming state elections just like in the past elections-but how `gentleman’ were the past elections when there were unfailing occurence of vote buying, abuse of government machineries and non-enforcement of laws against the ruling candidates? Such abuses give tremendous advantage to 1 side-the side which consequently have been winning elections after elections under suspicion that it never won them fairly or with its own strength! So the CM have to choose to break with the past if he means to have a truly gentleman fight in the coming elections! If he want more to stick with the past then the elections will not be fair or gentleman. The CM was apparently not asked about the contradiction in what he wanted for the elections!

泰益期许朝野 州选来场君子之战



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Where was Taib?

PKR Grand Gathering Attract Huge Police Presence, Not Audience…. and no Taib!

The three companies … In the beginning there were only three


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Much as I loath commenting on you guys, but I just can’t help it.

Firstly, who are you (Pandi-Vice Youth Chief ) and (Richard Silo-Ba Kelalan Youth Sec) in comparison to Baru Bian. BB may not be a perfect man, but he has the integrity and character of a leader that we are very proud of. He never portrays himself as a hero or the saviour of the Dayaks. But his deeds, particularly on defending NCR, and not only for the Dayak, but also the Malays or Muslim Bumiputera as they like to call it. Please acknowledge that BB has won many cases for that matter. That is within his capability.

To expect him to bring development to Ba Kelalan is rather foolish. He is not the government. Perhaps Taib can, for he has all the money. But mind you two, should PR form the next State gov’t, they also “BOLEH” and not just mere slogan. As for you two, yes continue to support BN and PBB blindly.


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Residents of Long Atip put up ‘blockade’ against Petronas for not fulfilling promises – BRIMAS Press Release

by Borneo Independent News Service on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 1:09pm

10 March 2011


BARAM – The Kayan community of Long Atip, Apoh last Tuesday erected a blockade not far from the junction to their longhouse, about 200 km from Miri, against Petronas’ Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) project where Petronas have not fulfilled their promises to the community.


According to the longhouse headmen, TK Wilson Anyie, this is the second blockade which the community have erected, the first one was on 20th December 2010.


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Final Report on Observation of P212 Sibu By-Election

By: Sibu Election Watchers (SEW)


Table of Contents

Chapter     Content

Executive Summary

1            Introduction to SEW

2            Conceptual Framework of Observation

3.           Report of P212 Sibu by-election

A.                 Scope of Work

B.                 Electoral Roll Verification

C.                Nomination Day Observation

D.                Campaigning Observation

E.       Administration Neutrality Observation

F.       Campaign Financing Observation

G.      Media Observation

H.      Security Observation

I.           Polling Day Observation

J.       Observers’ Access

K.         Post-Election Observation


4.          Recommendations

Appendix 1: Press Clippings

Appendix 2: Press Release by EC to announce Sibu by-election



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Numpang Suntai of Sebuyau who had been charged for `criminal intimidation’ has been discharged today at the Simunjan magistrate court, with hundreds of villagers showing solidarity outside the court house. Numpang was represented by Baru Bian’s legal team, including See Chee How and Desmond Kho. The case started after the villagers erected blockade against the intrusion into their NCR land by a logging company related to Cm Taib Mahmud’s sister, last year. 7 persons were arrested subsequently on account of damages from a fire which took place after the blockade. Only Numpang was charged for criminal intimidation, which drew hundreds of supporters to the court hearings. The discharge of Numpang coud shows the lack of a solid case against the accused as well as that the prosecution could be standing on shaky ground after another court grant injunction to the same villagers who had disputed the loggers’ license to log in their NCR lands.


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This is an alert from Francis Siah of MOCS:
This report, originally from Bernama, was pulled out tonight from publication by the news agency. This is what political leaders in Sarawak has tried to hide from the people.

This story will NOT appear in the Sarawak papers tomorrow, maybe only in the Star. S’wak edition.

Too bad for the BN, MoCS has got this here.



Sesco lost RM120 million last year

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