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Following the law the contesting parties are not supposed to start campaigning until the whistle is blown after the nomination on Apr 6th. But well before that BN politicians are campaigning all over the place but PKR leader Baru Bian was stopped from doing the same in Lawas town just 2 weeks ago. Why the double standards?

Reject the opposition – Talib

Posted on March 24, 2011, Thursday


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There is a whispering going around that the issue of the bible in Malay being released on conditions have been blacklisted by the KDN (Internal Security Ministry)-so there won’t be any coverage over the issue that will cost the BN dearly in the coming state elections. So the huge gathering by Christians last night would probably never be known to the public. But the internet do allow such news to be released-including photos. It was estimated that close to 3000 christians attended the gathering to pray for religious freedom and fair elections! Beat that!

(Photo by Ann Teo)

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