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The police charge upwards of Rm5mil to provide security to 1 by-election. So there are 71 elections to be held at the state elections-so their budget can go upwards of Rm5mil X 71 =Rm355mil. Is the police feeling that they are charging too much to the government/tax payers for `covering’ just peaceful elections? If not why are they so shy to reveal the amount involved and let the public decide if the amount is about right? In comparison the EC charge 50mil for organising the entire state election-well below RM1mil/constituency.

Police assure voters of safety

Posted on March 26, 2011, Saturday(Borneo Post)


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10 Commandments for Responsible Voting
from the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting

1. Thou shalt vote according to the dictate of your conscience.

2. Thou shalt respect the decision of others in choosing their candidates.

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MEO-Net launched a people & media -friendly observation instead of a EC-friendly observation. EC only accredit observer groups who agree to shut up when they see frauds-then what is the point of observation?


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Press Release (March 25 2011)

Malaysian  Election Observers Network (MEO-Net), a network of 6 election observation and voter education groups, announced today its decision to organize a long term election observation mission to the Sarawak State Elections, which will be held on Apr 16th 2011. The Sarawak State Elections Observation Mission will be led by Mission Chief Ong Boon Keong, who has vast experience in local and international election observation and have organized monthly pre-election observation studies to Sarawak since Sept 2009. To cater for the vast areas in Sarawak a coordinator will be appointed for each of the 3 regions in Sarawak ie South, Central and North. As estimated 100-200 observers are expected to be trained and recruited to keep the state elections under the closest possible observation.


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MoCS gives 30 reasons why Taib must go

Press Release from the Movement for Change, Sarawak . Embargo for 26 March, 2011

KUCHING – There is no joy in the air among Sarawakians as Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud celebrates his 30th anniversary as Sarawak’s chief executive today.


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