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Sad news from Sebauh

While the post election conversation is still hot, we loss one of Dayak greatest name in the Dayak Music Industry. Jeffry Nyaloi died at Bintulu General Hospital on the early morning of 29 April 2011 at 1:20 am. Not was he a loss to his family and relatives at his longhouse in Rumah Liman, Sg. Labang, Sebauh, but his demise is greatly felt by the music fraternity in Sarawak.

The late Jeffry Nyaloi was not only a great singer, but also a prolific songwriter, composer, programmer, musician and performer. His lyrics of his song really touched the listeners – he’s a purveyor of quality modern Iban lyricists. And a lot of his songs, either sung by him or others had become instant hits with not only the Iban listeners, but the other ethnic race of Sarawak and even across to the other side of the border in Kalimantan. Such was his popularity that he was sought after and employed by many Recording Studios in Sarawak, like Andrewson Ngalai Sound Production, LUH, TBC and a few others. True to his spirit, he was never tied or contracted to these companies, but always
moon-lighting or trouble-shooting when his services were needed.

The first to arrive among his close friends were Andrewson Ngalai and Andrew Lanting. Then there were also some candidates from the just concluded Sarawak Election, like Encik Ramle Malaka, Michael Lias and Clement Bayang (also a singer). Andrewson Ngalai also led a prayer for the late Jeffry Nyaloi.

Due to his sudden and unexpected death, perhaps most of his friends were unaware. It is hope that during the “Ngetas ulit” many will come. And it is also hope that Persatuan Penyanyi Iban Sarawak would organised something for the late Jeffry Nyaloi, to show their commitment to their members.

The writer was made to understand that the people from these longhouses were majority supporters of BN and yet the spirit of neighbourhood and longhouse were there. Infact those 3 calons were from SNAP. This is the spirit of the Iban that must be kept and cherished. Never let political differences tarnished the harmony and respects, customs and traditions of the Ibans be destroyed and
manipulated for political gains.

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A video of the press conference is here.

Bersih wants heads to roll in EC

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | April 29, 2011

Public confidence in the Election Commision is fast eroding because of its inability to curb widespread abuses and violation of election laws.


KUALA LUMPUR: Polls reform group Bersih wants the resignation of top Election Commission (EC) officials for failing to deal with irregularities in the recent Sarawak elections.


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Most stupid people’ upset over Manyin

Joseph Tawie | April 29, 2011

A re-elected Sarawak BN representative has backed a logging firm and accuses natives of ‘causing a ruckus’ over compensation issue.

KUCHING: A re-elected Barisan Nasional (BN) representative has not only “insulted” his constituents in Tebedu but also “embarrassed” them by defending the allegedly illegal activities of a logging firm.


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2 SEW (Sibu Election Observers) observers  will be questioned by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) tomorrow after DAP’s Wong Ho Leng lodged a report to MACC over the vote buying involving over 100 Ibans in Bawan Assan and Rassau. SUPP has refuted the claim of vote buying of the two-claiming instead that the voters were merely emplyees of SUPP coming to claim wages from them. Since there is a conflict in the account of the same event by 2 groups perhaps the MACC should also question SUPP and also the voters concerned. Since the alleged bribes was given by SUPP may be the voters should be given immunty to enable them to tell the truth. If the vote buying is confirmed the winning candidate Wong Soon Koh should be stripped of his Assemblyman status and the 2nd highest votes winner replace Wong as Bawan Assan’s Assemblyperson.


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Wong Ho Leng Lodge Report To MACC

Sibu: DAP Chairman, Wong Ho Leng who was newly elected again for the second term as Bukit Assek State Assemblyman went with a group of over 10 newly elected assemblymen and members to lodge a report over vote buying.


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The impoundment of Bengoh Dam was delayed to avoid negative impact from the mainly Bidayuh communitiy in Bengoh. Many commentators from all sides expect some electoral backlash. But when the polling results came in there was a mere 300 votes dropped from the BN’s majority. BN won in the polling center at Kg Bengoh, right in the center of the affected community. What happened??? The film proposed to investigate. The answer is so promising that the film proposal is shortlisted among the top 5 film proposals for the Freedom Film Fest film proposal competition. Director Rapelson from Kuching will be interviewed by the film fest organiser KOMAS this saturday over Skype. If the film proposal were to win the award( 3 will win Rm6k award at each year’s competition) it would be the 1st Sarawakian’s film that make it to the FFF!

Watch out! Let the truth come out of the probe into the election! Let it be a good reference for the coming General Elections, which may be around the corner.

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The issue of the 100 Ibans who descended upon SUPP office in Sibu to collect payment from election promise has turned nasty in the last 24 hours: Wong Soon Koh, the candidate in the middle of the controversy, issued a threat to sue reporters of the news that the Ibans came for vote-buying payment amounting to Rm400.00 each. He gave a 48 hour deadline for the reporters to retract the report. Not only that there was a rumour that SUPP would protest at DAP HQ in Sibu over the vote-buying issue, after a SUPP leader claimed that the Ibans came to claim payment from work engaged by SUPP. The protest, said to be around 3.00pm today, never took place, according to SEW observers in Sibu, led by Wong Meng Chuo. SEW reporter, who broke the story, stand by her story when interviewed by Malaysiakini. It is most regrettable that SUPP chose to  threaten the messenger rather than deal with the message, no matter how discomforting it may be. So the story which may take away one of SUPP’s few remaining state assemblyperosns, will be kept on the boil for a while.

The losing candidate Alice Lau of DAP has 3 weeks after the gazetting of the election results to file election petition to challenge the election results. If the suit by SUPP come to pass the reporter need all the public’s support-so that truths will continue to serve the public. Watch out!


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