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Steven Ng-stopped from re-entering Sarawak at airport

Around 6pm when Steven Ng tried to return to Sarawak he was stopped by the immigration officials and told that he would be  sent back to KL. This make him another one of the long list of West Malaysians stopped by the Sarawak Govt from entering Sarawak. It is reliably learned that the power to stop West Malaysians from entering Sarawak was to preempt competition for socio economic opportunities especially on employment. However the power which is iconic of the special position/autonomy of the East Malaysian states have been abused time and again by the ruling party in Sarawak!

Steven is a ex-employee of an NGO Tenaganita and currently engaged in some consultancy in Sarawak. Before him the West Malaysians stopped at the airport include Kua Kia Soong, Jerald Joseph, Gobalakhrisnan, Sivarasa etc.

It is understood that Steven will be taking an 11.00pm Fire Flies flight back to KL.  News of Steven’s deportation is starting to spread in some media and certainly will create a stifling atmosphere on all West Malaysians coming over to Sarawak for whatever reasons.

Steven Ng has been working on oil palm and land rights issue when he was under the employment of Tenaganita. He had been involved in negotiation between corporate oil palm planters and indegenous peoples’ groups during his employment.


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EC is getting use to blaming all others eg NRD and voters, for its roll with dead voters. After Sibu election observer SEW found a 120+ years old voter in Nangka 2 days ago, Miri’s DAP discovered 98 centurians among the Miri voters in Pujut and Piasau constituency. The EC blame the NRD and the voters for the presence of the dead voters-never itself. Seems like the denial syndrome is becoming a habit among all the EC Commissioners. Actually the excuse that the dead voters don’t have death certificate was exposed in the case of Sadiah Taha in 2006 state elections-she and 2 others in the same house did have death certificate which the observers then forwarded to EC. So coming back to blame the dead for not having death certificate now seems plausible but does not match with the past records! The passing of 5 years did not see any improvement from the same EC bureacuracy and the sick joke they tell to cover up their incapacity.

EC mulls using biometric system

Sunday, 03 April 2011 Combat

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