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Mattress for vote campaign by BN spotted at Belaga nomination day

In Belaga the offerings made by BN to the people there after nomination include free petrol and free mattress. This gave some variety to the usual roofing material/zinc which some residents find it less attractive nowadays! However this is still inducement to voters which is prohibited by the Election Offenses Act! Pictures are available from here!

Free petrol for votes campaign by BN spotted at Belaga nomination day


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Look at this map here-it is an interactive map to show daily incidences of election frauds and irregularities in the Sarawak state elections. MEO-Net collaborate with KOMAS to bring you this user-friendly map that tell you in a glance what happened in the elections.

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Titbits from Kapit

Despite being categorised as 1 of 4 hot seats, nomination in Kapit yesterday went smoothly. No disorderly crowd, no chanting. Police personal & FRU were more than adequate to ensure orderly and peaceful gatherings.

Nomination processes & procedures were adhered too. After 10am, the names of candidates were displayed outside the gate of the Dewan Suarah for public scrutiny. From election observers point of view, everything’s ok.

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EC taken to task for alleged bias

Syed Jaymal Zahiid | April 6, 2011

Mohammad Ali Mahmud, brother of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, was allowed to contest amid accusation of irregularities.

KUCHING: PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail criticised the Election Commission (EC) for alleged bias when it allowed Mohammad Ali Mahmud, brother of Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, to contest amid accusation of irregularities.

According to election laws, Mohammad Ali, who is contesting the Muara Tuang seat, could have been disqualified when he did not present his financial statement from 2006 during the one-hour nomination deadline this morning.


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A PKR organiser in Belaga complained that on the nomination day his applications for police permit to hold ceramah(political talk) was met with numerous harassment from the police. Such applications is rather routine procedure-but the organiser alleged that the police come back to him 3 time s to inquire about the applications details -which is quite out of the ordinary. He consider the extra inquisitiveness of the police as an election induced action aimed at harassing the party organisers. Police permits are needed for all campaign activities even though by law all competing candidates /parties are supposedly `free’ to hold political talks during elections. By normal practice police would approve such permit more freely during election period-but complaints of harassment is never absent in all elections till now.

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