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By announcing that he (ATM) is going to make Swak the richest state in Msia was the most ridiculous statement coming out from the mouth of a desperate and dirty old man.

He knows too well that Swak is (or was rather) the richest state in Malaysia. He should have said “to make Swak the poorest state in Msia” That I agree.

His politics of development, bribing and threatening the people doesn’t work anymore. People are willing to go to jail just to oppose him and his cronies. Who does he think he is? Remember – when a wounded animal is being cornered, it will fight back(at all cost). The people will do the same. ATM and his cronies will never be able tom stop the tide of change thats surely rising. There had been too many exposures of corruption by ATM. Lying to the people will embold them further to rebel. BN Sarawak will tumble sooner than later. The sign is already there. For the first time in history there was no seat won-uncontested by BN. Does this auger well for BN.


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Thean Poh and Meng Chuo went to see the Returning Officers (RO) of the various constituencies of Sibu on the 7th April. We received varied responses from them that worth one to ponder.

View from the top. From high level of Wisma Sanyan

First, we went to the District Office of Sibu, we were told that DO Wong See Meng, the RO for N47 Bawang Assan was out of his office. About a month ago SEW members were denied meeting him when we wanted to deliver the Final Report on the Observation of the Sibu By-election. We turned to the Assistant RO, Awang Nisan, who was kind enough to give the name and phone number of the EC enforcement Officer (N47), Bradley 016 8618649. He also informed the other 4 ROs of the various departments in the same building of Wisma Sanyan, Sibu.
As we approached the Resident Office, we were straightly given the names of the two enforcement officers for N49 Nangka, Brian Anak Munsang, and Maria Nadjaak Jimmy. But their phone numbers were not available as both of them were out in the field. We were advised to call back for their numbers.
When we visited the Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) Office, we were met by the Assistant RO for N48 Palawan, Yusli who asked for our contact number and told us that the enforcement officer will call us back (and we will be waiting).


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