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Adrian Yeo, Selangor Exco’s Assistant, is being questioned without a legal counsel in Miri police station right now. Re the Senadin recounting issue.

Lawyers are being located to provide assistance to him. Meanwhile a protest is developing in Miri over the refusal of the Returning Officer to do a recount on the votes in Senadin even though the margin of victory is extremely small-at 58 votes. A report is here:

Updates from Miri:Several hundreds of supporters is now at Balai Polis Miri protesting for EC refusal to do Votes Re-counting.YB Tian Chua,YB Elizabeth Wong and PKR candidate for N.65 Senadin,Dr Teo is gathering there too and the numbers is still growing/ SUPP won by only 58 votes, and the RO refuses to do a recount

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The likely result of the 10th state elections is : BN: 55; DAP:12; PKR:3; Independent:1(all 71 seats). This is far from the more balanced expectation where the opposition deny 2/3 majority to the long ruling parties. While it would definitely be very disappointing to many hopeful candidates in the Opposition parties especially the multi-racial party PKR, there could be a silver lining to this dark cloud that they have to go through.¬† If the failure to achieve their target in the state elections cause the really committed leaders and activists to persist in their effort to bring change then then the failure may serve its purpose. Democracy is not a journey on a straight line, as shown in the histories of Malaysia’s regional neighbours.

The opposition’s success from the 12th General Elections had aroused some unsustainable imagination(or hallucination?) that change can come without any hardwork. Under such an illusion you just need to wait for the right moment and locate yourself at the right place to get elevated to the pedestal of a `YB’ (an elected representative). Such illusion is visibly at work when one look at the lack of campaigning effort by the Opposition candidates-many of whom won’t start campaign until they get confirmation as a candidate and then given a big budget. By the time they satisfy themselves with that-if they ever will, it would be too late for them to do anything more.


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One of the hopeful seat for PKR is the Miri seat of Senadin-but the PKR candidate Dr Teo lost by a mere 68 votes due to postal votes -which amount to 1134, where Dr Teo only get 54 votes. He said he plan to protest. The margin would be the among the smallest margin in Sarawak’s election -beating the 94 vote margin of 2006 election.

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Sylvester Entri has, according to our observer, won Marudi for BN with 3202 votes.¬† Edwin Dundang -the SNAP president has failed to win the seat which is also contested by a PKR candidate. With this SNAP’s claim to be still popular with Iban voters may be rendered unsustainable.

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Results from observer thus far: N67 (Telang Usan): PKR : 2316 votes; SNAP: 429; Bebas: 539; BN: 3097 (winner)

The split votes effect may have caused the trailing¬† of Harrison Ngau of PKR. The combined non-BN votes -at 3284, actually overcome BN’s votes-at 3097, by 187 votes. It is understood that some votes have yet to be counted.

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Latest figures: Baru’s Ba Kelalan’s majority is 473 votes, confirmed.

In Telang Usan PKR’s Harrison Ngau trail 300 votes -but the Orang Ulu polling centers have yet to be counted. So the chance to turn around is good for PKR.

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