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The votes speak in many ways. The surface reading is BN retain 2/3 majority. But the slide in majority votes -by 8%(from 63% >55%0) cannot be a sustainable trend. Another 8%, or an acceleration of it will spell the end of BN government-forgetting about the 2/3 majority! The issue is not so much the %-but where the % is located, apart from its trends. If another 8% occur in the interior of Sarawak vast areas of the Sarawakian electorate would have de-anchored from the BN mother ship! In this sense the win in Ba Kelalan and Krian bode well for the PKR and Pakatan as they are in the solid interior constituencies. If the winning formula is replicable across the interior then the BN would have cause for shivering!

What will happen in Sarawak could follow 2 possible directions: Opposition could expand the change constituencies from the urban to its peripheries till it achieves sufficient seats to govern, or it can have a rural uprising which combine with the existing urban force to present a ruling majority. The 1st route has perhaps been the assumed position among urban inspired parties like DAP. It is however up against the huge rural weightage that has been used against the urban parties. So the ruling BN parties are basically urban led rural based parties.  Under such a condition the urban based Opposition/alternative parties will have to win almost 60% of the popular votes to really get the number to govern.



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According to words from Clare Rewcastle of Sarawak Report & Radio Free Sarawak the 2 media which played a big role slashing BN’s popular vote from 63% to 55% in the state elections, will continue in some forms! Hopefully the media which are important tools to reach out to information-poor rural communities in Sarawak will even improve their transmission to Sarawak’s vast interior to provide what most part of the democratic world take for granted: alternative views to those of the ruling parties. Sarawakians need them-and so do all other Malaysians. Looking forward to the decision from London on how the 2 media can continue! For those who support the 2 media in their unfinished democratising mission please leave your support in their respective comment column to serve as an endorsement to them-something which may be helpful for them to attract more funding to go on!

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