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Observers to tell UN the true Sarawak story

FMT Staff | April 20, 2011

The highly disputed Senadin win by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) will be the leading example of polls malpractices which will be presented to the UN.

KUALA LUMPUR: The incident in Sarawak’s Senadin constituency involving PKR candidate Dr Michael Teo will be presented to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva today.


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EC try to clarify its media management policy during polling day in Sarawak’s just concluded state elections. The explanation simply explain what they did without so much effort to provide rationales for the policy eg why is the media not allowed to enter the polling centers as before-so long that they have a media pass? The EC’s policy contrast with them bending over backward to allow the police to put cameras around the polling center -sometimes from inside the restricted 50-m areas around a polling center. Does it mean that EC mind the reporters’ cameras which  tell the world of what transpired inside the polling center or polling/counting stations but close its eyes on the intimidation from the police’s cameras? It is time the EC come clean on its inconsistent policies that sideline voters’ interests but accommodate the demands from the power-that-be, a total opposite to the expectation from the public of a EC which is fearlessly discharging its duties to uphold free and fair elections.


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Carolina, a Polish student is the 6th person barred from Sarawak during the Sarawak state election period. Her case differed from others in that she was told at the exit point that she is not allowed to return after her visit to Sarawak-in contrast to others before her who were all stopped at the Kuching airport after their landing. Carolina has been doing field research on Sarawak’s politics since about 1 year ago.

Before that Steven Ng, Wong Chin Huat, Ambiga, Haris Ibrahim and Syed Ibrahim were barred from entering Sarawak, which attracted condemnation of power abuse from civil society. The barring of outsiders  could reflect CM Taib Mahmud’s insecurity towards increasing West Malaysians and international repulsion against the undemocratic rule of his regime.

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