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Date: 23 April, Saturday

It was a hectic and chaotic day for Tr. Jonathan Juna(Sg. Aup), Tr. Stanly Gramong(Engkalat) and Tr. Juing(Pasir Mas) all from SK Sg Aup Polling Centre. its pay time  for the voters of the recently concluded Sarawak State Election.

On Polling Day (16 April) voters from SK Sg. Aup Polling Centre were given RM100 each by SUPP/BN and the balance RM400 to be given after the election if SUPP/ BN won. Luckily Dato Seri Wong Soon Koh won, and therefore today saw the balance being given out.

It’s a foregone conclusion that BN only won this election due to massive votes buying. In other words, without giving money to the electorate, BN didn’t have a chance at all. But sadly, this money politics was successful in making the voters vote for BN. What a price to pay for winning. But next time around, the BN would have to spend even more. Can they do that or have the ready cash in such a short time
for the coming General Election(PRU13)?

This time around, there were 16,743 registered voters in N47Bawang Assan. So SUPP/BN had to come out with 16,743 X RM500 = RM8,371,500. That was not inclusive of MRP/grants etc. given to all the Iban longhouses in Bawang Assan State Constituency. For the next Parliamentary Election, there were 59,339 registered voters for P212 Bandar Sibu. This will amount to 59,339 X RM500 = RM29,669,500. But then again, voters are getting smarter, the bigger the stake the bigger the amount given, perhaps double or even triple. So where are SPR and MACC? Talk about corruption and responsibility – I think we need not talk about it. SPR and MACC are not going to do anything about them even if they want to. They are rotten to the core and so inept. Don’t give the lame excuse that they will investigate if there report made. Sue me if I’m wrong.

Buying of votes is not the key question here. In doing so, the BN had created schism among the people of Rh. Juna, Sg. Aup. Animosity and ill feeling had reared its ugly head. The Tuai Rumah and his cronies were being unfair and short sighted so to speak.

That RM400 were alas not distributed fairly, whereby the Tuai Rumah had cleverly crafted a system whereby he knew who voted for BN and who voted for DAP – and therefore were not given their share. But how was he to know whom the people voted for. Infact there was a commotion, but had it not been for the level-headedness of the so-called opposition supporters, the situation could have been out of hand. The Tuai Rumah should know how to draw the line. Leave politicsto the politicians. Afterall, its his rakyat who chose him as their tuai rumah, and by the same token they can have him removed. Regrettably, this was the culture promoted by BN, especially Andrew Shilling, Political Secretary to the Chief Minister and DCM Alfred Jabu.

It was quoted that the community leaders were told to hate the Opposition politicians, to bar them from going into their longhouses and to keep watch over their followers so that they would not support the Opposition. Those found to be supportive of the opposition, the Tuai Rumah had the power to ‘sack’ them from the longhouse and had also the power not to give them ‘shares’ in development projects or in ‘corruption money’.

Not all the people in a longhouse support the BN and the Tuai Rumah and this may lead up to deeper disunity and hatred against the BN and the Tuai Rumah. Some may break away from the longhouse.

Is this what the BN/SUPP advocate? Alfred Jabu, Andrew Shilling and Wong Soon Koh didn’t give a damn. Who told them not to support BN? Who told them to disagree with their Tuai Rumah. After all, the broken longhouses do not belong to them. This scenario happened during the PBDS time. BN at that time abhorred the trend. But look now, they are actually employing them effectively. Najib and UMNO should take note of this. Perhaps at this moment it suits the BN policy well. But one day the Opposition may take over and employ the same heinous tactics which are detrimental to the rakyat as a whole. Is this the SATU MALAYSIA concept Najib envision?



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1 new PACA trained by MEO-Net went on duty under PKR-and found the experiences to be exciting and worth recording for wider benefits:

“My bittersweet PACA experience on 416”

Although i was not a voter in N.11 Batu Lintang constiituency, i volunteered to be a Polling and Counting agent and signed up to be at SK Tabuan Jaya as it had 9 salurans and at the end of the quick briefing by PKR no one had signed up on that sheet of paper!


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