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Video confession of vote buying translated!

The confession by Tuai Rumah Kuching that he and his long house mates have been paid to vote for BN has been a hit -and we have finally managed to come out with a translation here, from the original Iban language. Apologies for the inconveniences up to this point! As can be seen from the testimonies of vote buying after the poll the Sarawak state elections is losing credibility by the day!

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BN supporters from Rassau gathered in front of SUPP office for the promised payment of RM400.00/person.

SEW observer filed this report: There was a gathering by about 100 Ibans outside the SUPP office along Jln Kg Dato this morning, where they wanted to claim RM400.00 each from SUPP agent who refused to make the payment after the election using the excuse that these voters had voted for the Opposition insted. Earlier the voters were promised they will be paid the amount, which is the balance from a RM500.00 per person payment for voting BN. They were all from Rh Ujang of Rassau district. The SUPP agent is te Tuai Rumah Mador Anak rendah. A voter produced a letter to explain their dissatisfaction. Residents from Rh Pasang and Rh Chandi also came along. They refused to report to police because in a previous land grab case in Sg Bakukah by Ta An Group, which they had contacted Baru Bian, the police made then did not produce any result. Some residents from Rh Chandi managed to claim money from the SUPP office and distributed to their residents from Rh Chandi. All the others did not get anything. When DAP’s Wong Ho Leng came around 11.00am, he expressed his incapacity to help when the voters said they did not intend to report to MACC. Till noon most of the voters still did not managed to get what they demanded. Rassau is one of the isolated part of Bawan Assan where some parts need to be accessed by hour long boat ride.


2011年4月25日(星期一)早上约九点,诗巫选举监察员(Sibu Election Watchers)接到一位在报社工作朋友捎来的消息,有很多土著聚集在人民联合党诗巫支部办公楼下面,可能与刚过的选举承诺有关。由于他们不方便采访,便提议我们去看看。人联党诗巫支部位于诗巫市区的JalanKampungDato。


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About 100 Ibans descended upon SUPP’s Sibu HQ to demand the balance of election promise amounting to Rm400.00 for each voter from SUPP candidate. According to eye-witness DAP’s chief Wong Ho Leng was also on hand to handle the situation. The Ibans however declined to give testimony or report to the police about their complaint where they alleged that SUPP agents refused to pay them the balance of the payment by using the excuse that these voters had voted for the Opposition candidate.

According to unverified allegations one of the candidates for Bawan Assan paid many voters Rm500.00 each to buy their vote. The news had spreaded far and wide such that even members of the public from as far as Sg Asap are heard talking about it. Such vote buying, if confirmed, would discredit the elected Assemblyperson for the area concerned ie Datuk Wong Soon Koh.


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