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SUPP is feeling the heat from the report of 100 Ibans coming to SUPP office to demand for unpaid Rm400.00 election promise. Its response is carried in Bernama where they tried to claim that the Ibans only came to claim their wages after a meeting in the SUPP office. Now that there are 2 versions of the stories there should be ground enough to do a thorough investigation into what really transpired. The news report perhaps had done its job to expose what went on and pressure for effort to seek out the truth. Without this the public will forever suspect that the SUPP candidate did not win the election by merits/voter support.

April 26, 2011 17:17 PM

News Portal Report Very Damaging To Us, Say Sibu SUPP Bumiputera Members

SIBU, April 26 (Bernama) — Bumiputera members of the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), Sibu branch, are very upset over a news portal report today which alleged that they had demanded “promised election money”.



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From tomorrow evening we will be back broadcasting RFS on SW15420 from 6-7PM. Make sure to spread the word!

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What Happened When People Do Not Believe in Election Results?

Nigeria, a country of 158.2 million people (UN, 2010) and the 6th largest oil producing country in the world, went to the poll to elect a new president the same day as Sarawak 10th election on April 16, 2011. Despite the presidential poll was described by international observers as relatively free and fair, as compared to past elections in 2003 and 2007 when rigging and intimidation were outrageously rampant, Nigerians from the northern regions have been out on the streets protesting the election results. BBC has reported on April 24 that more than 500 people died according to a Nigerian human rights group, the Civil Rights Congress.

This is what can happen when ordinary people no longer believe in election results anymore.

Just wonder in the immediate past Sarawak election, for all those people who might have behaved, acted or in any way helped or condoned BN to cheat, these could be SPR commissioners and workers, police chiefs and personnel, civil servants at all levels, tuai rumah, penghulus, media, bloggers and not to forget politicians and their supporters, intermediaries, pseudo organisations  etc., if they ever spare a thought of their roles and behaviours in destroying the credibility of election as an institution and the consequence that such will create the conditions for disasters for later generations?

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What Happens if BN Suffers Another 8% Slide in Popular Votes?

On the surface they would have lost two more seats N24 Beting Maro and N65 Senadin. But should federal parliament election be held and Sarawak voters vote exactly the same as in immediate past Sarawak election, then another 8% slide in popular votes would mean BN getting less than 49% votes in the following 6 parliamentary seats (thus giving away the seats if there are no multi-cornered flights to split the opposing votes and total spoilt votes and not returned votes stay below 2%), namely: P192 Mas Gading (from 55.7% to 47.7%), P198 Mambong (from 54.9% to 46.9%), P205 Seratok (from 52.5% to 44.5%), P210 Kanowit (from 49.4% to 41.4%), P212 Sibu (from 50.4% to 42.4%), and P214 Selangau (from 54.1% to 48.1%).

Note that on April 16, 2011, even without another 8% slide, BN would have already lost in another 7 parliament seats, namely: P195 Bandar Kuching, P196 Stampin, P208 Sarikei, P211 Lanang, P215 Kapit, P217 Bintulu and P219 Miri. But BN would have recaptured P212 Sibu by 719 votes.

So if all forces opposing BN can unite and start working in one mind towards next federal parliament election (GE13), there are a lot of grounds to be gained. Winning 13 out of 31 (42%) federal parliament seats is a big improvement from 15 out of 71 (21%) Sarawak legislature seats.

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No. 1 : Not a journalist was present to cover the very important event that happened at SUPP office. It seems to confirm that the press which are largely owned by logging interests are aligned to the politicians and thus would not expose the dark side of the politicians-even when it came to the fore as happened yesterday;

No.2 : even stranger-Opposition members who should have strong interests to investigate the vote buying were also no where to be seen! Wong Ho Leng was aware of the gathering of Ibans but only turned out around 11.00pm, after his court case. Can he not send some party people to investigate? It is also strange that he expressed that he could not do anything if the voters don’t report to police or MACC. What about election petition? What about publicising the vote buying to expose the dirty ways Wong Soon Koh of SUPP won his seat?

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Areas where election results should be challenged: Muara Tuang(election expenses not submitted by PBB candidate), Senadin(Ballot boxes tempered with), Bawan Assan, Tamin, Sg Asap(vote buying proven).

PKR akan kemuka petisyen di beberapa kawasan DUN

Posted on April 26, 2011, Tuesday(Utusan Brneo)

Baru Bian

KUCHING: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) akan mengemukakan petisyen pilihan raya membabitkan beberapa kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) pada pilihan raya negeri yang lalu.


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Just when 100 Ibans come to Sibu to demand vote buying money the Sibu police chief see no evil and even crow about it!

‘Only two misdemeanor reports during election’

Posted on April 26, 2011, Tuesday(Borneo Post)

ACP Shafie Ismail


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