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2 SEW (Sibu Election Observers) observers¬† will be questioned by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) tomorrow after DAP’s Wong Ho Leng lodged a report to MACC over the vote buying involving over 100 Ibans in Bawan Assan and Rassau. SUPP has refuted the claim of vote buying of the two-claiming instead that the voters were merely emplyees of SUPP coming to claim wages from them. Since there is a conflict in the account of the same event by 2 groups perhaps the MACC should also question SUPP and also the voters concerned. Since the alleged bribes was given by SUPP may be the voters should be given immunty to enable them to tell the truth. If the vote buying is confirmed the winning candidate Wong Soon Koh should be stripped of his Assemblyman status and the 2nd highest votes winner replace Wong as Bawan Assan’s Assemblyperson.



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