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Closed to be confirmed are the results that Workers Party have won Hougan Single Member Constituency and Aljunied Group Representation Constituency which carry 5 Members of Parliaments. Altogether PAP suffered, reportedly  a tsunami-like -7%*(updated) vote swing where it can still hang on to power with massive majority in Parliament, thanks to the gerry mandering of the constituencies which cause gross disproportionality between the votes and seats won by the Opposition. In the last general elections in 2006 the Opposition only won 2 seats even though its popular votes were 33%, compared to 66% of the ruling PAP. For the current elections the Opposition may just win 6 seats despite winning up to 47%** of the popular votes. This happens when many seats were won by PAP with paper thin majorities eg 100 votes in Opposition fortress Potong Pasir (under recount as of reporting) and 51% in Joo Chiat. More results may validate this early trend.

**Some vital details for the results:

Total % of contested votes
PAP: 60.14%
WP: 46.60%
SDP: 36.76%
NSP: 39.25%
SDA: 30.06%
SPP: 41.42%
Reform Party: 31.78%
Voter turnout: 93.06%
Spoilt votes in %: 2.17%



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When I read The Borneo Post this morning I was not surprised to see Stanley Jugol face on the front face, as I had received an SMS last night.

Stanley never ceased to amaze me with his mouthfull of stupid comment. Firstly, it was an announcement without prior consultation with the rest of the CEC members (appointed or otherwise). But I guess he was right, SNAP better quits Pakatan before it it is given the boot anyway.

From the ground sentiment, there are still loyal supporters of SNAP, but they are really disillusioned with what the party is going through. The die hard grassroot supporters never knew some of the appointed SNAP CEXC members, and to be correct, many of the last election candidates were not and has never been a SNAP member. Furthermore, many never agreed to what was announced by Stanley – which was seen as his personal opinion and not the official party statement.

In this coming meeting (14 May, 2011) Stanley and Edwin were in for a surprise, for there is already a plan by group of disgruntled and real supporters of SNAP to really do a “REBRANDING” they said. So we just wait by what it means. They beleive that with the present line-up and the old guards in SNAP, it is a gone-case scenario. SNAP is irrelevant. And this group believes that inorder for SNAP to be relevant and rejuvenated and getting back its acceptance, they will have to do something drastic – including sacking the President and Sec-Gen. And this group also believes in consultaion and dialogue with the other Pakatan members. They never burn their bridge behind, and always open to suggestion. Afterall the ultimate aim is the downfall of Taib and BN.

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