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Why, why, why???

The Tebedu voters just returned the BN candidate to power-and then they protested against the logging activities approved by their BN candidate? This pattern is happening all around Sarawak. Are the voters unaware that they did have the power to vote out the candidate who approve the activities which run counter to their best interests? Look like some voter education is sadly missing here!

N18 Tebedu’s election results: Michael Manyin Jawong (BN): 6196 (winner); Christopher Kiyui (PKR): 2130. Anthony Nais(Snap): 468. Kipli Ale(Ind): 260.

Villagers protest against logging

Posted on May 9, 2011, Monday(Borneo Post)

SAYING NO: A section of the villagers who demonstrated. (more…)

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UMNO will be meeting on this friday on the holding of a rehearsal for the imminent general elections-giving an important sign for the possible calling of early general elections, possibly in June/July, just ahead of the fasting month. There has been a heated debate in the background on when the general elections may be called. 2 possibilities have been tossed around:
June/July-1.to take advantage of the voters’ grattude from the massive allocations and vote-buying in Sarawak state elections. The longer the general elections are dragged on the lesser this effect will be;
2. The Opposition parties are ill-prepared to counter the BN’s campaign-even though BN will also need to top up its war-chest; Relatively BN can recover from the election exhaustion in Sarawak faster than PR due to BN’s abuse of government funds;
3. Economy may take a turn for the worse later;


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